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  • The Tapping Tapir
  • The Tapping Tapir Light
  • The Grand Hornbill Light
  • The Classic Light
  • Bajo Active

The Tapping Tapir

There is nothing better at quenching thirst like a chilled soda but they are getting a bad rap for being filled with artificial colours, flavours and lots of sugar. We love sodas but not anything artificial. That is why we have crafted a line of all genuine sparkling sodas that are simply made from real fruit juices, spices and herbs.

The Tapping Tapir, like one of Malaysia’s most iconic animals, the tapir is distinctly Malaysian. Our sodas are homegrown in Malaysia utilising local iconic ingredients.

The Tapping Tapir Light

Introducing The Tapping Tapir Light. Same great taste with reduced calories. Made 100% naturally and sweetened with stevia leaf extract. With less than 5g of sugar per 100ml.

The Grand Hornbill Light

The Grand Hornbill, a 100% naturally brewed sparkling ice tea highlighted with zesty limes with a bouquet of floral notes – THE ART OF TEA BLENDING.

We locally source Cameron Highlands special blends of Assam and Chinese varieties of teas, which are selectively chosen for the wonderful aromas and unique flavors. At the Grand Hornbill, we have skillfully blended the Gold, Black and Green teas with a floral note and infused fresh limes to artfully create a truly authentic sparkling floral iced tea.

The Classic Light

Return to the WILD, come back to natural and delicious simplicity. We’ve kept it naturally wild by returning to traditional recipes using high-quality, exotic herbs and spices. Just delicious and honest soda flavours you’ve come to love, without the iffy stuff.

Bajo Active

BAJO is a hydrating infusion of sparkling water, fruit juice, vitamins and antioxidants from green tea. Taste the Real, Not flavoring. BAJO was inspired by the “Orang Bajau” from Malaysia. These nomadic tribe interprets the sea as life, so they always maintain and preserve the precious source of life.


How we squeeze our fresh fruit everyday!

  • 1Harvesting

    Farmers picks the ripest, sweetest, fragrant fruit.

  • 2Cleaning and Inspection

    Fruits are washed and inspected for any damages.

  • 3Juicing

    All juicy goodness is pressed and crushed out of the cleaned fruits.

  • 4Carbonation and Filling

    Juice is carbonated with bubbles. Cans are filled and lid are fastened tightly to ensure the all natural goodness is sealed in.

  • 5Enjoy!

    Sodas are ready to be enjoyed on a warm sunny day.